I like to explore surf, wild boundaries and uncommon attitudes.



Hello. Make yourself at home. 

I am a wandering surfer and ideas driven soul - I tell stories about the things that make me excited and occasionally about the things that excite other people. 

The featured stories you can find here use surfing as a foil to explore what lies over the next hill, the unconventional folks that reside there and our personal connection to the wild. I am always searching for new adventures and stories to tell. Please get in touch if you have an idea, or are in need of one.

My journal details my recently published work and a variety of things that inspire me.








Published Work:


The Surfers Journal 27.2

Carve Magazine 192

Carve Magazine 189

Carve Magazine 185

Carve Magazine 183

Carve Magazine 182

Carve Magazine 179

Carve Magazine 176

Wavelength 256

Wavelength 255

Wavelength 254

White Horses 25

White Horses 24

White Horses 23

White Horses 22

White Horses 20

White Horses 18

White Horses 16

PaperSea V4  2

Trail Magazine

Surfer Magazine - 07/19