Featured Stories


Featured Stories

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Carve cover P.Geall

Cape Wrath -Scotland

Published White Horses 16

Dodging NATO war games in the far North-West of Scotland. A four day hike taking in mountain bothies, reclusive hermits and untouched surf.  Lives lived and lost, seeking and never quite finding.


Conquistadors of the Useless

Published Carve magazine Issue 189

An adventure to the end-of-the-line with world renowned surf photographer Al Mackinnon. A surf trip turned existential discourse on the meaning of and search for perfection.


Cape to Cape -West Australia

Published White Horses 18

Join me and my surfboard on the ‘Cape to Cape’ track, a challenging 135km trail that traverses the West Australian coastline from Indian to Southern Ocean. Long, lonely beaches, stunning national park scenery and occasional forays into majestic Karri forests. 

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The Zawn

Published Finisterre Broadcast

‘I had rallied the crew for a goose chase. A solid bunch comprised of folks that understand that a surf mission like this is at worse an excuse for a coastal amble and a pint at the local. At best, the chance to shake off the shackles of familiarity and convenience that had been holding us back through the colder months.’