Great to have my story 'A Tale of Snails' feature in the Summer Issue of Wavelength. A departure from my surf based storytelling, concerning gentrification and of second-home ownership in my home of Cornwall, UK. I imagine broadly relatable to many surfers around the world who are being priced out of their local communities.


'Growing up in Cornwall you get used to being trod on from a young age. On one hand it’s the most popular holiday destination in the U.K. and on the other, one of the most socially deprived areas in the entire country. 

Every summer the tourists come to feed and roost, before flocking back to the presumed riches of urban Albion. In some of the more successful and entrepreneurial areas of Cornwall I have heard rumours of the locals feeding heartily on the tourists wallets year round. Although in all my wanderings I have yet to see this feast in person. I know that many still miss out on the main course served in August. 

The subtle summer dance of give and take is played out to a looped, nostalgic Cornish soundtrack: crashing surf, children playing in the sand and the west Atlantic breeze whistling up the county lanes. Whilst the oft-heard B-side plays the muted aimlessness of the disaffected youth; a group who feel like they are being shoved off the pavement and onto the muddy lane in this yearly incursion into their land and homes.'