Stoked to have my entry into writing competition ‘A day a mountain changed my life’ feature as the November 2018 winner in outdoor magazine Trail Magazine. My tale of yours truly getting himself in over his neck in the mountains must have struck a note with the judges.

Excerpt from my entry:

‘The approach. Leaving in the sullen darkness of pre-dawn, I followed the Allt A' Mhuillin stream to the CIC climbers hut at the foot of the Ben. I looked up in awe at tower-ridge, now illuminated by gilded shadows of morning light. With one step I was off the path and into the arms of the mountain. I spent six hours on the ridge that day. Five of which were in abject terror, after a rock in which I had entrusted all my weight was birthed from the ridge and slipped silently into the now fogged depths beneath. I had the overwhelming sense of disrespect. Not of the mountain per se, but for the gift of life my parents had given me and those whom would be tasked with removing my body.

I have a photo taken that day of me on the misty summit. A middle aged couple must have saw me clamber dramatically over the final scarp. As I stood aimlessly at the summit trig point they put their supermarket sandwiches down and asked me if I was O.K and would I like a photo. My hair soaked wet from sweat and claggy mountain mist; puffy vacant eyes locked in the present and nervy smile. I remember starting to feel cold, I had tears running down my face that weren’t like other tears I had felt before.’