An honour to have a triptych of short stories entitled ‘Seat of Storms’ feature in the excellent ‘Surf School’ exhibition currently running at the Newlyn Exchange Gallery in Penzance, Cornwall. ‘Surf School’ aims to showcase surf culture as a respected craft form and is a broad celebration of the surf scene in my home of West Cornwall.

In ‘Seat of Storms’ I have presented three short vignettes individually printed onto ply. Each of the stories aims to capture the essence of Summer/Autumn/Winter and the constant movement through the seasons that define the Cornish surf experience. If you are in Cornwall ‘Surf School’ will be running until the 8th June 2019.

When I think of West Cornwall, I see and feel granite. Big flakes of the stuff, managing to simultaneously crumble away into the sea and stand firm to the frequently changeable moods of the West Atlantic. Seams of quartz, feldspar and mica woven through boulders, rising and forming ridge-lines up the west facing coast like sleeping dragons lying dormant in the cliffs. Then, when it is time, falling back down to spawn bays out of the shattered remains. Down on the beaches you can look out across the sea and surf, safe in the knowledge that the myriad of problems that define this strange land we call home are all firmly behind.