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'Not Strange Folk, No... Adventurous Folk'

Myself and Harry get an honourable mention in the wonderful BBC documentary 'Bothy Life'. The enigmatic 'Adventurous Folk' who surprised the bothy caretaker Bob late one April evening carrying surfboards to the end of the land. You can read about our hike to 'Cape Wrath' in the far NW of Scotland, and the bothies we visited in featured stories section of my site.

I must add our sincerest thanks to Bob for being the most hospitable host. In particular his willingness to share the malt whisky that the BBC crew had left when we returned broken men after a hellish trudge through bog and rain. We later heard the BBC crew had actually gone in a fruitless search of us - I like to think it makes for better yarn the way it turned out.


The full documentary is available to UK residents here on BBC iPlayer. For more information about Bothies, check out the MBA (Mountain Bothies Association)