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'An End and a Beginning' White Horses Magazine 23

Always a pleasure to get a run in the fine Australian surf publication 'White Horses'. This time about a journey to the end of the land at Cape Finisterre, NW Spain. Honoured to have Javier Munoz's (@pacotwo) photos accompany the finished story. 

Extract from 'An End and a Beginning':

'That evening, inspired by the mornings entertainment at the Cape, but mainly just full of verve from the quart of supermarket Rioja we had bought, we built a pyre on a deserted bay flanked by a rivermouth. We drank the wine, gathered drift wood and shouted at the wind, revelling in the freedom of an empty beach, safe free camp spot and a modest lefthander. We had journeyed to the end of the world that morning and having retraced our steps back to the crossroads, had decided to keep searching. Over the next hill, we had found a new ‘rias’ finishing and starting its journey too. In its wake, creating another wave worth surfing and another day worth living.

When we woke up, the tide had erased all the physical remains of the fire. But the hazy memory remained.'

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Wilderness: John Muir Trust

The John Muir trust protects and manages many of the wild spaces in Scotland. The following film based on the writings of John Muir and filmed on the trusts land is an ode to the beauty and value of the wild. 

'....And I was glad I was not great enough to be missed by the busy world I had left behind' John Muir.